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Mexican Sun Moon Art Deb Ewoldt Art
Read more about Teoticuacan... From Blacksmith Boutique & Garden Studio
The Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, echoing the shape of the mountains surrounding the valley, served as focal points for Teotihuacan's urban layout.  Read more about this often seen, yet little understood Mexican art by clicking on the link above. When Cathie and I first saw this special art we knew it had to overlook our ponds. 

Read on, and be sure to use the "slideshow" selection for viewing the show.

On the other side of Deb's store was some special art made from old farm yard steel.  We liked it, and it went home with us.  After placing the first piece Cathie and I talked about the need for another similar piece to wrap around the end of the deck.  We stopped in and asked Deb to create another special piece - and this really would be "just for us".  I like it. You can email Deb at or 319-476-IRON.
Click here to watch Deb in action!

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