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The ponds during the summer of 2010

...Lots of Boulders, Heavy Pond Liners, Some Water, Big machines, and a Little sweat

View of the upper and lower falls From the opposite direction...

...It all began in the spring of 2002. Before a pond or stream could be built, I wanted to correct a house footing drainage system, and the driveway had to be graded so that the slope was away from the house. Yeah, I know. It is hard to imagine that someone would build a driveway that sloped into the house causing a large water problem!

So the drainage and driveway got fixed - more on that later! While that was being done I drew the plans for the stream and ponds.

Click here to view a PDF document of the original AutoCAD drawing showing all layers of the project.

The skimmer, biofalls and pumps are Aquascape Designs products. These are the basic units installed:

The Grande Biofalls
The Grande Skimmer

The Aquascape 7500 pump
The Aquascape 1500 pump
3" Flexible PVC pipe (200')
2" Flexible PVC pipe (25')

Please use "Your Guide", on the left, to navigate through the installation.

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