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Early morning on the pond, Summer 2007
Early morning on the pond, Summer 2010
Early morning on the pond, Summer, 2011
Early morning on the pond, Summer, 2013
Early morning on the pond, Summer, 2015
The stream Upper Pond Lower Pond Plants
Upper Waterfall movie (1.8 MB) Waterfalls movie (1.8 MB)
Within these pages are pictures of every step and process used to create a seventy foot long stream, meandering across the front yard, running under a walkway bridge and plunging over a massive piece of lava, excavated from the mountains of Wyoming, which forms a three foot waterfall into the first pond. The upper pond is somewhat circular, about twenty feet, enclosed by three massive rocks from the mountains of Montana, complete with lichens. From this pond, the water escapes innocently over five large pieces of Wyoming lava, forming a cascading waterfall into the lower pond. The lower pond opens into a cashew shaped seventy feet long waterway, approaching five feet in depth and twenty feet in width, not including a five foot wide bog. Click on 'Water Feature' or any link above, to get a blow by blow view of the installation

Judd Bristow and Lee Mason Adel, Iowa USA planting zone 5a

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